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Hello everyone! My name is Emma and I am the owner of Emma Breen Events. I have been a part of the event world for almost five years and a part of the hospitality world for almost ten years. Emma Breen Events is a product of all of those years of experience and I am proud to put my own name on this brand. This company strives to take clients hopes and dreams and turn them into a reality through hard work and dedication. 

My slogan is "Dream with your eyes wide open". I personally live by this and encourage all of my clients to do the same. If you can envision it you will get there one day. If you had asked me five years ago when I was working my first wedding if today I would be here writing a bio for my very own event planning company I never would have believed you. But the more experience I had in this amazing industry and the more time I spent around those who make this industry what it is, I couldn't imagine a better way to spend my life.

For me, my favorite part of any event I put together, is the look on a clients face when they see the final product that they have only dreamed of. I have always been someone who puts others needs above their own and my company embodies that. When you become an EBE client, I can become your person. 


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